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March 10, 2011


California Living Trust Lawyer

I have not run across the situation above in my career yet. On the other hand, I have had the situation where all the documents were lost and were it not for the recorded deed indicating a trust, no one would have been the wiser. As you state, it is best for people to let their loved ones know about the documents and give them your information. But things happen...
Thanks for the great article!

John Ladd

Excellent article identifying a critical weak link as well as several possible solutions.
Further proof that a seemingly small detail can sunder the most careful of planning.
Thank you for the food for thought, and for action.
John Ladd
Carolina Friends School

Joseph S. Karp

We do not store original documents at our Florida estate planning firm. We do retain copies, and we strongly encourage clients to keep originals in a safe place and to let loved ones and decision makers know where the originals are, and as importantly, how to access them. Getting an order to open up a safe deposit box in Florida is not a cakewalk and can be quite burdensome - and expensive - for the family. Counseling clients on how to store their important planning documents and how to notify decision makers is essential, and as much a part of the estate planning process as the drafting of the will, trust or power of attorney.

Lee Stewart

Very good advice. When my father passed away, sorting through many of the financial documents was an arduous task. Fortunately, the will and power of attorney had been updated and conveniently located.
I can only image how difficult the task would have been if the legal documents were misplaced.
Thanks for the article.

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