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January 14, 2009



Asone of the first Green burial product providers ( I feel it is important that consumers are aware of the environmental impact of the traditional burial on the environment-

Every year 22,500 cemeteries in the United States bury:
827,060 gallons (3,130,762 liters) of embalming fluid
90,272 tons (81,893 metric tons) of steel in caskets
1,636,000 tons (1,484,154 metric tons) of reinforced concrete in vaults
More than 30 million board feet (70,792 meters3­­) of hardwoods (some tropical woods) for caskets
The effects of cremation,long held as the more "sustanable"choice with the 4 hour burning at over 2000 degrees and the toxic emissions such as mercury released into the atmosphere must alsobe newly examined with more concious minds.

Although cost has often been the #1 decision maker in consumer habits in the 20th century, in the 21st Century it has become imperative that the waste of our precious human resources and our overall health as a planet have got to become part of the consumer conciousness in choosing products of all varieties including our final choice.
Thank you.

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