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August 29, 2007


susan alexander

should I ask social security about medicaid? my daughter age 42 was switched from ssi to ssdi when my husband retired. they said we had to do this. could we have kept her on ssi? whom do I talk to about her medicaid? I thought there was a Pickle law that dacs are covered? susan [email protected]

Bacon Wilson Law

Susan, we cannot respond to individual legal inquiries on this blog. Please email or call attorney Darling directly for assistance.

[email protected]


My son was just approved for DAC and Medicade because he was disabled before age 22. My husband and I both receive SS, so he is receiving an amount or percentage which they figured for him to receive. Each family has a family limit. I think he is receiving the max.

They will be going back and giving him some money because he was disabled when I became 62 and started receiving SS, which began about 2007.

My question is: if he has DAC (SSDI/MEDICADE)can he have more than 2000 in the bank at one time? What is he supposed to do with the money he receives from back payments, and what if he is a good saver and wants to save as much money as he can? Will this disqualify him?? My son is 48 and was diagnosed with schizophrenia before age 22.

Bacon Wilson Law

Thank you for your thoughtful questions, Connie. Unfortunately, we cannot provide legal advice on this blog. Please contact attorney, Hyman Darling - [email protected] or 413.781.0560

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