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September 14, 2011



Hi there,

Thanks for sharing the results of our May 2011 distracted driving survey with your readers. This is definitely an issue to which employers should be paying attention -and taking action to stop!

As the survey shows, plenty of companies are taking the important first step of putting into writing policies restricting how employees use their mobile phones - but that's not enough to avoid litigation if a crash does happen.

This blog post has a great video explanation of how distracted driving on-the-job creates liability for employers - check it out:

Thanks for the opportunity to comment!

Eleanor Jones
[email protected]

skjult kamera

Well,a policy prohibiting cell phone use while driving is very much necessary to be implemented...cell phone use while operating the vehicle can result into a dangerous outcome..

Toyota Boston

I agree that employers definitely need to enforce the policy and discipline employees who text or use a cell when driving a company vehicle. Many folks overestimate their ability to multi-task.

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