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March 28, 2006



My partner has already worked his 40 hours. The work week for his company is 12:01 Saturday to 12:00am Sunday. He has been ordered to drive in the company owned work van 6 hours to his next job. He will stay in a hotel for the night and report to work 7am Monday morning. His company has "instructed" him to fill out his time sheet reflecting travel time starting at 12:01a Monday. They stated that they can not afford to pay him overtime and that travel time was not included in the bid for this assignment. His employee handbook does not contain a section on travel time and the company has been inconsistent on travel time reimbursement. Falsifying time sheets is "prohibited and grounds for termination" as stated in his employee handbook. He can not refuse to work or he will be terminated. The one option, which may also be illegal, it to actually start driving at 12:01 am. I don't think my partner should be required to drive 7-8 hours (500 miles) arriving directly to the work site to to perform dangerous electrical work for 8+ hours.

Jessica Jamison

My colleague was told he falsified the timesheet because he advised another colleague to make sure his time was completed. My colleague never touched the timesheet and someone else signed the timesheet. He was terminated and because he was told that he falsified the timesheet, that he never signed or was able to review. Does he have any legal action against the company?

Bacon Wilson Law

Jessica. Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we can't respond to individual legal questions here. Please contact attorney Kevin Maltby directly at [email protected] or 413.781.0560

Mike Williams

Can an employee take action against a boss or coworker who has falsified their timesheet in KY?

Bacon Wilson Law

Mike, we can't respond to individual legal inquiries on this blog, but if you'd like to pursue this, please contact attorney, Kevin Maltby: 413.781.0560 or [email protected]


I want to know who else is allowed to make changes in my time sheet?

Bacon Wilson Law

Thanks for your comment, Kyveetee. Unfortunately we cannot respond to individual legal inquiries here. Please direct your questions to attorney, Kevin Maltby: 413.781.0560 or [email protected]

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